February 24, 2015ProRehab In The News

We’re Partnering with Physical Therapy Plus!

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ProRehab Louisville, a private practice physical therapy company, is pleased to announce their partnership with locally-owned Physical Therapy Plus (PT Plus). The merger allows both groups to continue to provide physical therapy services with kind, compassionate, and empathetic caring to residents from their combined four locations throughout Louisville.

PT Plus co-owners David Boyce, PT, EdD, ECS, OCS, and Marcia Boyce, PT, CFO, and Eric McElroy, PT, DPT, OCS, will remain integrally involved and continue to operate as PT Plus under a combined brand with ProRehab Louisville local owners Larry Benz, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA, and Patty Benz, PT, DPT.

“We have admired for many years what David and Marcia Boyce and PT Plus have been doing in Louisville,” said ProRehab President and CEO Dr. Larry Benz. “For years they have provided quality specialty physical therapy care to the community. We have collaborated and partnered in the past and continue to share the same vision of our success through meaningful work that impacts lives. It is with that spirit that we reached out to form this new partnership.”

Using the most up-to-date research, cutting edge technology, and special training in compassionate, empathetic, and positive care, the merger between ProRehab Louisville and PT Plus will emphasize the advantages of local ownership and the benefits it brings to an evolving healthcare environment where depersonalized healthcare based on volume and overtreatment has unfortunately become the norm.

For David and Marcia Boyce, the merger serves as an opportunity to bring two private practice industry leaders together, resulting in a quality of physical therapy and customer service not yet seen in Louisville. Their goal is to give our patients a physical therapy experience that is empowering, satisfying, and valuable.

“When we decided to go back into practice locally, we began discussions with our former partners who shared the same passion and vision. We have always had great respect and admiration for each other and understand the synergies and opportunities to grow and deploy our brand of personal physical therapy across our local market,” said Dr. Benz. “ProRehab Louisville, as part of Confluent Health, and PT Plus have produced thousands of loyal patients that have greatly enhanced our national reputation in the profession. We have more published works and invited presentations than any practice in Kentucky and it has always been based on engagement and high quality connections with our patients.”

Joining ProRehab Louisville’s Chenoweth Square and Fern Creek locations will be PT Plus’ two clinics in the Highlands and Prospect, which will now operate as part of the ProRehab Louisville locally owned private practice network. In addition to services like manual physical therapy, pain management, orthopaedic physical therapy, sports physical therapy, sport performance enhancement and industrial medicine, all clinics will offer My Physical Therapist, a concierge physical therapy service that gives patients exclusive access to their physical therapist with a number of enhanced member benefits designed to manage health and wellness across a spectrum. Additionally, ProRehab Louisville is the only Louisville-area practice with the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®, Nike 360 golf training, and a medically supervised sports enhancement program available to patients. They also maintain a sports medicine presence at Fern Creek High School.