July 6, 2015Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight : Mark Vogt

Untitled ProRehab Physical Therapy, partnered with PT Plus and Apex Physical Therapy, is committed to improving the wellness, performance and confidence of our athletes. We’d like to share a spotlight article on an athlete in training with us. Our goal is to be a thriving part of this community’s athletic development.

This week we’d like to shine the spotlight on Mark Vogt. He is a 47-year-old golf enthusiast who has training with the staff at PT Plus for over four years. After a sledding accident with his son, Mark needed several weeks of physical therapy to get back to daily life however at that time, he was out of shape and couldn’t do a single push up. His trainer, Jesa Hall says “Mark is the classic client who had a wake up call and realized he needed to make a life change!” Mark is now in the best shape of his life, pushing the limits and saying, “I’m never too old for this”. Since starting physical therapy at PT Plus, Mark is happy to be injury free with no lingering back pain.

Untitled2Athletically, there have been some major changes in Mark’s golf game. Four years ago, he was a 14 handicap per US Golf Association’s handicapping index. This past summer, he hit his career low at a 5.1 index. This past January, Mark participated and won his flight at the Humana Challenge Pro-Am on the Gerald R. Ford Field, shooting an incredible -19. According to Mark, “The entire staff at Physical Therapy Plus, from the front office to the technicians and trainers to the physical therapists have enabled me to change my life.”