August 13, 2015Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight : Adam Meyer


ProRehab Physical Therapy, partnered with PT Plus and Apex Physical Therapy, is committed to improving the wellness, performance and confidence of our athletes. Each week we’d like to share a spotlight article on an athlete in training with us. Our goal is to be a thriving part of this community’s athletic development.

This week’s spotlight article will focus on Adam Meyer, a 23 yr old U.S. National team hopeful for the winter Olympic event of skeleton. If you are unfamiliar with the sport of skeleton, the athlete sprints down an icy track (similar to a bobsled takeoff) and leaps onto their sled, head first. Down the track, a skeleton racer can experience up to 5g forces and speeds above 80 mph. Adam first started coming to PT Plus as a decathlete for Bellarmine track and field while in undergraduate studies. Despite multiple hamstring injuries Adam was a conference finalist in his final year at Bellarmine.


After attending a combine for the U.S. skeleton team, Adam suffered a labral of the hip. He reports that “ my rehab has been exceptional, I’ve progressed really well with my hip, 3 and ½ months after surgery and I’m already running 2 miles”. Adam plans to attend another combine in a year’s time after further training and if invited, he will attend the U.S. National Team’s training camp afterwards. In the meantime, Adam is pursuing his Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at The University of Louisville.