August 27, 2015Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight : Andrew Potter


Physical Therapy Plus is committed to improving the wellness, performance and confidence of our athletes. Each week we’d like to share a spotlight article on an athlete in training with us. Our goal is to be a thriving part of this community’s athletic development.

This week we highlight Andrew Potter, a recreational runner rehabbing a MCL tear. After growing up playing soccer, he started running in his mid twenties. Andrew has competed in severe marathons during his running career. His favorite marathon was the Niagara Falls Marathon were he battled freezing temperatures.


Andrew is back to running a mile a day with his kids right now and looks forward to progressing. Andrew was able to overcome his impairments and pain and has now returned to pain free running. According to Andrew “PT Plus has been very supportive and has encouraged me to reach my goals”. Andrew looks forward to his next marathon.