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April 29, 2016Health News You Can Use

Teens Need More Exercise In School

On school days, young adolescents (12 to 16 years) get 55% of their physical activity on school grounds. But recent research suggests that’s not enough. As reported by the Los Angeles Times (“More exercise at school may be key to improving teens’ health” – December 2015), only 8% of students get the recommended 60 minutes of exercise […]

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April 28, 2016AllPro Sports Training

The Glutes, Electricity and Golf

Recently I’ve been delving into the work of Bret Contreras, the self-made ‘Glute Guy’. His area of focus is, of course, the glutes and how we can make them stronger, larger and more efficient. What I like about Bret’s work is that it is all evidence based; he doesn’t prescribe to ‘pseudoscience’. I’ll save you […]

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April 24, 2016Health News You Can Use

5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active When Life Gets Busy

The following blog post was originally published on  Click here to view it in its original form. As a busy mom, I often get asked the question, “How do you stay active while wrestling those monkeys!?”  Okay, they don’t exactly use those same words, but you get the picture.  Staying healthy and active as […]

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