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BACK Pain?
Announcing: BACK NOW

With the ProRehab BACKNOW Program, Anthem Kentucky Members get 5 ProRehab Physical Therapy sessions for a single copay. Deductibles may apply.


Get 5 Physical Therapy Sessions for 1 Copay (Only at ProRehab)

A mere 8-10% of patients who should get physical therapy actually do. Copays are a big part of the problem. Anthem of Kentucky and ProRehab are changing that with this new pilot program.

How it Works

Injured through a lifting injury? Use the PROREHAB BACK NOW Program.

You have Back Pain.

Whether it's from a recent injury, or has been nagging you for a while, it's keeping you from things you love doing.

BACK NOW at ProRehab

Your Anthem health plan* qualifies you for 5 PT visits at ProRehab for 1 copay, instead of the usual copay at each visit. Deductibles may apply.

Get free of back pain with the ProRehab BACK NOW Program.

Schedule Right Away

Call, click, chat or text to schedule your appointment.

The sooner you do, the sooner you'll feel better.

Get 5 Visits for 1 Copay

Most patients need more than five sessions. No problem, you can re-up the package as needed!

Get Your Life BACK!

Physical Therapy can help you get moving again and feeling great, avoiding prescription pain medicine or costly surgery. Check out our FAQ if you have more questions!

*Exclusions and deductibles may apply, e.g, BCBS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Packages last 30 days. Contact us to learn more.
Lower Costs

When physical therapy is first, patients have 71 percent lower costs in treating their back pain than patients who seek other types of care first.

Per Day

This is the number of people who die every day from opioid abuse in the U.S. 

Fewer Prescriptions

When physical therapy is first, the need for opioid prescriptions is 75-90% less likely.

Americans with back pain

Percentage of Americans who experience back pain in their life. 

Questions and Answers

BACK NOW is a revolutionary new pilot program for Anthem members only available at ProRehab Physical Therapy. Here are some of the common questions we get about this pilot program.

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