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Meet Olympic Gold Medalist Kelsi Worrell!
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Wave Loading

What is wave loading? I’ve done it a few times in the past without realizing what it really was. The classic article on T-Nation was written by Ian King, listed below: Ian King’s Wave Loading…

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The Butt-Wink and Squatting

Alright, so my buddy posted a video of him going ass to grass front squatting at #205 for reps. Now, I know that he’s been slowly getting back into lifting so I commended him on…

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Sometimes, Simplicity is King

I tend to over complicate things. I don’t know if you do either but often times I find myself overthinking problems that have easy solutions. Folks with advanced degrees might even be more prone to…

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Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team Presented by ProRehab Physical Therapy Wins National Team Pursuit Championship

Curtis Tolson Cycling’s Elite Team, Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team Presented by ProRehab Physical Therapy, won the National Team Pursuit Championship on Thursday, July 27, 2016. The Olympic event is a track race that begins with 4…

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