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Fantasy Sports – Is This the Real Life?

One of my favorite hobbies is fantasy sports. If I were a little older, I’d probably be working with ESPN, Yahoo, Draft Kings or Fan Duel to pioneer their fantasy sports lines. However, I was…

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Nutrition Fundamentals – Things to Know Before Dieting

Hello all, sorry for the short hiatus. It seems establishing a rhythm with a new baby can be quite difficult. I’m sure I’ll find my stride soon. I wanted to write another diet article about…

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Great Nutritional Tool: Calories Burnt at Rest Calculator

Check out the below online calculators that predict basal metabolic rate (calories burnt during rest). MEN WOMEN

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Training Tips for the New Dad

Original Article by Eric Cressey ( By Alex Burtch, M.S. CSCS Checking my email this morning I had an interesting article come into my inbox. I subscribe to Eric Cressey, one of the foremost experts…

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Long Term Athletic Development

It’s pretty fun to sit and daydream about what type of activities my daughter will end up participating in later in life. Although I’d be happy if she was in sports, band, academic clubs, drama,…

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