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Walk the Plank, Matey.

Hello all! Today I want to discuss a pretty common exercise: the plank. It’s a pretty fair assumption that the plank has become one of the most prevalent core exercises on the market. Folks like…

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Mobility – Where Did it Go?

I didn’t write an article last week as I become a little busy as my wife brought into this world the most precious gift I have ever received: my daughter, Adelaide Grace Burtch. There’s nothing…

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Why Does Music Help Drive Exercise?

Listen up. No seriously, before you read this podcast, go into your iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Prime music library and cue up the song that you know is going to get you amped. Hopefully, I’ve just…

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The Glutes, Electricity and Golf

Recently I’ve been delving into the work of Bret Contreras, the self-made ‘Glute Guy’. His area of focus is, of course, the glutes and how we can make them stronger, larger and more efficient. What…

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Misunderstandings about Functional Training

Functional Training. Sport Specificity. Strength Training. Resistance Training. CrossFit. Powerlifting. Core Training. P90X. Olympic Lifting. Insanity. Yoga. Pilates. I could go on. Let’s face it. Nowadays, there’s as many ways to improve your health as…

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