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An Exclusive Concierge Physical Therapy Program 

myPhysicalTherapist is a one-of-a-kind program that offers concierge physical therapy, giving you access to your own personal physical therapist from ProRehab Physical Therapy’s board certified team. With memberships that average $800 per year, this exclusive program allows you access to the highest levels of personalized care, ensuring that you live a healthy, active, pain-free life. Located at a ProRehab clinic near you, your personal physical therapist will be “on call” to take care of all your musculoskeletal needs.  myPhysicalTherapist is about more than taking care of your aches and pains – now you have a personal PT to call!

myPhysicalTherapist BENEFITS:

✓  Unlimited access to state-of-the-art online tools designed to enhance your health status and help you rehab quickly from injuries

✓  Private, easy access to someone you can call before aches and pains turn into bigger problems

✓  A personal therapist who understands your health and fitness goals and prescribes therapeutic exercises customized to you

✓ Care focused on wellness and prevention, not solely on treatment of existing problems

✓ Seamlessly coordinated care with the physician of your choosing

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HOW myPhysicalTherapist WORKS:

Step 1 | Select your Physical Therapist, or allow us to match you based on your medical history.

Experience personalized physical therapy from someone who understands your health and fitness goals and prescribes therapeutic exercises customized for you.

Step 2 | Choose options for Insurance and Medicare:

Are you wishing to avoid using insurance for physical therapy, e.g., high deductible plans?

Are you without insurance and need a flexible payment plan?

Do you have a plan with limited physical therapy insurance visits?

Do you desire our program to work in tandem with traditional health insurance? Membership can supplement traditional health insurance by implementing prevention strategies so that aches and pains keep from becoming bigger problems.

Step 3 | Schedule your annual physical evaluation with orthopedic review at one of our convenient locations.

Ready to sign up?!  Contact us at (502) 749-6950.