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ProRehab Talks Ergonomics with Cosmopolitan Magazine

ProRehab’s very own Candace Morton, PT, DPT, recently spoke to the Cosmopolitan Magazine about the importance of ergonomics in our new WFH reality. Read on below… 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs That Will Save You From…

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Want to Avoid Surgery? Try PT First

So much of physical therapy involves helping patients heal or reduce pain. But what exactly is pain? Why does it play such a massive and important role in our lives? Dr. Adam Campbell is here…

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Physical Therapy Exercises for Lung Health

Breathing Problems & COVID-19 Breathing is one of the most important processes that the human body performs. Breathing is the body’s way of facilitating gas exchanges that allow cellular respiration to occur, primarily by bringing…

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Prevent Falls with These 4 Exercises

How to Prevent Falls Do you know a loved one who is at risk for falling or suffers from unexplainable falls? Falls are scary, and they can be disabling in both direct and indirect ways….

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Get Rid of Headaches with PT

Headaches are no joke – while a mild headache may just be a nuisance, serious headaches can leave victims debilitated and desperately searching for a way to get rid of headaches. Headaches affect 47% of…

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