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Blood Flow Restricted Training

Improving muscular strength is an important goal of physical therapy. Symptoms such as pain and stiffness are common road blocks to building strength when recovering from injury. A new, cutting-edge treatment called Blood Flow Restricted Training (BFRT) has been found to improve muscular strength even in the presence of pain and other limiting symptoms.

BFRT involves the application of a specialized tourniquet system to partially occlude blood flow to the injured limb. Light exercise is then performed for 5-10 minutes. Under this hypoxic (no oxygen) environment, large, fast twitch muscle fibers are recruited. This allows patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on muscles and joints. BFRT is a proven treatment that allows patients to safely improve strength while recovering from an injury.

Check out this video from Dr. Daryl Williams, PT, DPT, SCS to see Gold Medal Olympic Swimmer, Kelsi Worrell receive Blood Flow Restricted Training at our Highlands location.  Kelsi uses Blood Flow Restricted Training to work out smarter, not harder.

Blood Flow Restricted Training is used for athletes and non-athletes alike.  Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or suffering from arthritic pain, BFRT can help you build strength and get back to the activities you love.

About Kelsi Worrell, Olympic Gold Medalist

Kelsi Worrell, University of Louisville graduate, won a gold medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio for the 100 meter Medley Relay and is the first woman in history to swim the 100-yard butterfly in under 50 seconds.

ProRehab’s expert physical therapists are proud to treat Kelsi and she also works with our allPro trainers to stay at the top of her game. You can catch Kelsi working out regularly at our Highlands clinic with Dr. Daryl Williams, Clinic Director.

Blood Flow Restricted Training is offered at ProRehab’s Highland’s location.  Schedule an appointment today or call us at 502.454.5544.