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Important Info About the Coronavirus


Physical Therapy is part of the Healthy at Work Phase 1 re-opening of Kentucky.
All 11 of our Kentucky and Southern Indiana clinics are open for ALL patients needing physical therapy.

Masks must be worn in clinic at all times by patients and employees.


Physical therapists are considered essential critical workforce especially in managing musculoskeletal conditions. If you are suffering aches, acute or chronic pain, strains, or sprains or have had to postpone a scheduled surgery, we can see you without a physician's prescription. This reduces the care burden on primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, frees them up to provide needed services to more acute or critical conditions.

In response to COVID-19, we want to reinforce that we take the health and safety of our patients, employees, and community seriously.

Because we take all extra precautions and follow CDC guidelines, our clinics are considered low risk of exposure.

Here's what we are doing to keep you safe.

We also are offering alternative options - virtually - for continuing or starting rehab for those who must remain at home. If you are in pain or have had to postpone a scheduled surgery, we can help you with pain management and functional strategies. "Telehealth" means that our board-certified and doctorate-trained physical therapists are available to meet virtually through a HIPAA-compliant online video chat that is secure and easy to use. If technology is not your thing, we'll walk you through it over the phone.

Additionally, some health plans are now covering physical therapy via telehealth in Kentucky and Indiana.


What would you do if your pain disappeared?

Would you finally get back to exercising regularly? Play at the park with your kids or grandkids? Actually enjoy being at work?

We believe pain shouldn’t hold you back from doing what you love.

Unlike the physical therapists of old, we do more than just give exercises or hook you up to a machine.

We use cutting-edge research to deliver you...


Highly Educated Experts

Our physical therapists not only keep up to date on the latest cutting-edge research, we find ways to apply it and integrate it into our daily practice in order to serve you better.


Individualized Treatment Plans

We go beyond diagnosis to develop a pain management strategy in line with your goals, experiences, and lifestyle—and adjust them based on what’s working and what’s not.


Integrated Compassionate Care

We make sure you feel heard every step of the way. By combining empathy and science, we provide a uniquely integrated approach that makes you want to come back and visit.


Serving both children and adults

Our physical therapists are trained to heal a range of patients as young as 5 years old who are dealing with sports injuries, to seniors with chronic pain—and everything in between.


The path to healing might be quicker than you think.

Read what some of our recent patients have to say:

After just 4 visits…I feel like a brand new person. Before, I could barely walk for 15 minutes without my back screaming in pain. Now I’m zooming through therapy and going on walks at home.

five stars Christy F. ProRehab Patient

Wonderful staff, very helpful, competent and professional. They listen to what I say and are working with me to meet my goal.

five stars Barbara E. ProRehab Patient

Amazing service. They have gone out of their way to call and follow up with me while doing my at-home exercises. Highly recommend.

five stars Josh F. ProRehab Patient

My husband was skeptical of my choice to use physical therapy to treat my back pain instead of medications. After seeing my results from working with the ProRehab team, my husband is a believer now too.

five stars Tiffany B. ProRehab Patient

I couldn’t have wished for a better place to go for my knee replacement therapy! They know what they are doing to get you back in the swing of things so you can go on with your life!

five stars Gene O. ProRehab Patient

A few weeks of commitment can mean a future free from pain. What's holding you back?


It IS possible to embrace a life where pain doesn’t get in the way of what really matters.

And we’re here to support you through it.

Real stories of healing and change.

We’ve helped thousands of people like you get back to playing the sports you love, doing your best at work, and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Start your journey to physical freedom with no commitments.

PT isn’t right for everyone. Give us 15 minutes, get our professional opinion for free—and walk away if you’re not interested.