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ProRehab, Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic Enter Sports Medicine Partnership with St. Francis Athletics

ProRehab Louisville has partnered with St. Francis Athletics to bring top-notch preventative sports medicine and sports injury experts for rehabilitation to young Louisville athletes. 

St. Francis School, a Louisville-based private school, has previously worked with ProRehab. However, the official partnership will now include treatment from Louisville Orthopedic Clinic physicians as well. Dr. Ty Richardson and Jordan Tinnell, PA-C, will be working with St. Francis athletes and physical therapists from ProRehab to ensure that those participating will receive the best possible care, both preventatively and after injury.

“We’re always happy to lend a hand in maintaining the health of student athletes,” said Ed Foring, PT, DPT, CSCS, OCS, physical therapist and clinic director at ProRehab Louisville’s Prospect location. “Ensuring that kids are growing up healthy and participating in sports they love while mitigating the potential for injury is a great way to get involved in the community and preserve the health of young athletes.

“We feel that it is important that young athletes have direct access to experienced sports medical care. The sports medicine surgeons of Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic have been providing care to athletes for the past four decades. It is very important that a young athlete receives an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment in a timely fashion after an injury in order to maximize recovery and expedite their return to the sport,” said Dr. Richardson. “We are happy to be a part of the St. Francis family and community.” 

The St. Francis School Athletics Department strives to provide a program that encourages all students to participate in interscholastic sports, promotes the spirit of good sportsmanship, and emphasizes excellence in academics and athletics.

Their “no-cut” athletics policy ensures that all children have a chance to participate in the sports they love. The school’s philosophy focuses on the overall student experience with an overarching goal of teaching students character, commitment, responsibility, humility, and leadership. 

“Being able to teach children such invaluable lessons is truly an honor,” said Tony Butler, Athletic Director at St. Francis School’s downtown campus. “Many may view sports as just an extracurricular, but in reality, we’re working to instill the right values and great attitudes into future generations.”

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